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Welcome to Hoya!

We just got started but before we get into all the excitement of telling everyone how cool our “holy rope” is, and what exactly we offer to you, we wanted to start off by giving you a big HELLO! And now we can introduce ourselves the right way.

What is Hoya?

Hoya is a smartphone necklace created to make your life easier, honestly. Our hands are essential and we really shouldn’t keep them busy with the phone all the time. So, get a Hoya, problem solved!  

Hoya is dedicated to the dreamers, people who never stop moving. We are determined to bring you the most stylish pieces.  Our mission is to present everyone with a cool necklace they can wear and spread the word about. We want to make it that much easier to enjoy everything from be connected to the world to be connected with yourself.

Each item is created and assembled carefully so you can let your unique personality shine and our quick-shipping means you can get your hands on it first. Because that’s our job, and we’re working for you.


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